As valued members of THE HUB DAO, active involvement in governance is crucial. Within this framework, participation in voting plays a vital role. The voting power wielded by community members is directly proportional to the number of tokens they hold, granting them a significant say in the DAO's decision-making processes.

To streamline the voting experience, THE HUB DAO has embraced Snapshot, a trusted and user-friendly governance platform. Community members are invited to join THE HUB's Snapshot page, where they can access the latest proposals and engage in constructive discussions.

Irrespective of whether tokens are staked or utilized for liquidity provision, the governance rights of community members remain unchanged. Token holders retain their voting privileges, regardless of the specific allocation or utilization of their tokens.

Fostering an engaged and vibrant community is of utmost importance for THE HUB DAO. Active participation in voting not only reflects a decentralized decision-making process but also serves as a testament to the strength and dedication of our collective. Community members are encouraged to regularly visit THE HUB's Snapshot page to stay updated on new proposals and make their voices heard. Together, we shape the future of THE HUB.

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