1H 2023: Accelerating growth

  • DCL-Edit V2
  • Metaverse Explorer V2
  • Launching educational initiatives with universities and b2b (Metaverse Seminars)
  • Closing b2b deals multiplying growth (in progress)

2H 2023: Scaling user adoption

  • Completing the strategic seed round (in progress)
  • Launch of THE HUB Avatar Module
  • Onboarding traditional businesses and brands via closed multiplicator partnerships and aggressive go-to-market (e.g. PwC, EY etc.)
  • Launch V1 of THE HUB platform

2024: Expanding the platform and user journey

  • Launch of the Metaverse Loyalty System
  • Launch of the interoperable building suite for developers and regular users with XR features
  • Launch of THE HUB Marketplace for metaverse LANDs, wearables, scenes and other Metaverse assets
  • AI integration to existing platform ( procedurally generated 3d objects and AI agents).

2025 and beyond: Sustainable growth

  • Becoming the go-to-platform for any business, creator and user’ Metaverse journey
  • Turn THE HUB into a fully autonomous ecosystem and platform where AI agents govern, execute and co-create together with humans
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