Termination of a Grant, individual members relationship of a Grant, or any role, is an action that will not be taken lightly. Termination before Bountie's completion will void any remaining payments and may result in a refund request from the Bounty holder. These termination clauses exist to ensure the protection and safety of the community.
Before termination, the Core Team of MGh will take the following steps to begin the warning process:
  1. 1.
    Provide a verbal warning (if unable to meet, a written warning will be submitted)
  2. 2.
    Provide a written warning
  3. 3.
    Termination with reason outlined
MGH will provide a clear reason to the project/individual/team as to why these steps have been taken. With reasonable time to improve/correct the behaviour. If under time pressure from an agreed timeline, the prior statement may be void.
Issues that arise outside the following definement will be passed through the CT to ensure a fair and just warning.
Causes for warnings termination:
  • Failure to meet expectations outlined in Team Definition
  • Failure to attend meetings and proactively provide reasoning
  • Failure to deliver reports on progress
  • Failure to deliver KPIs or learnings from why we failed.
  • Failure to reply/answer work-related questions for over 3 working days
  • Failure to follow/support reasonable and lawful instructions
  • Using MGH platform, resource, assets, network, or talent; for non-MGH related work
  • Lowering moral (toxic attitude, spreading rumours, purposely blocking people)
Causes for immediate termination:
  • Bullying and hate speech
  • Harassment and Discrimination; Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Disability, Sexual
  • Theft & Fraud
  • Violent Behaviour
  • Using MGH platform, resource, assets, network, or talent; to push an unaligned/not agree upon agenda, messaging, or stance. This may include but is not limited to one's business, a token, a project, political views.