Grant Proposal Submission

To receive a grant from the MGH DAO, you must submit a proposal based on the Grant Proposals Templatein the #proposals text channel on our Discord server. We will then check for the completeness of the proposal and give feedback respectively. If the proposal is complete, the MGH Operations WG will post the proposal on MGH's Snapshot page, where it will be live between 5 and 14 days to give as many MGH token holders as possible a chance to participate in the voting.
The proposal has passed the voting if the majority of votes was delegated for the proposal and if at least 20,000,000 MGH tokens were used in the voting process.
The requested grant will be distributed as the following:
  • 50% upfront
  • 50% after completion of the deliverables
Note: All grant proposals should go live at one day per month (e.g. every first Friday of a month)