Grant Proposals Template

Note: Making sure this has to be in one doc

Proposal Title:

  • If present, included the Bounty reference at the start of the title followed by the Title & your name/group/team
  • Example: WGB001 Korea WG; Iszac Kereone & Co

Part 1: Proposal Submission

  1. 1.
    A one-sentence description of the proposal
  2. 2.
    Description of the proposal and what problem it is solving
  3. 3.
    Deliverables (Bountie KPI's)
  • Deliverable 1
  • Deliverable 2
  • ...
  • Deliverable n
4. Proposal Category (select one of the following)
  • Build application based on MGH
  • Outreach / Community / Awareness
  • Build or improve MGH software
  • Improve the organization of MGH DAO
  • Other (write keyword)
5. Funding requested (in USD), please provide a breakdown of cost allocation. (Furthermore, provide justification if the funding needed exceeds Grant & Funding Tiers)
6. Wallet address to receive the funding (no exchange address) Link to a publicly accessible document where the progress of the deliverables is tracked (Use this template) 7. Have you previously submitted a proposal? (Yes/No. If yes, link to the proposal)

Part 2: Team

Or information about proposal submitter only, if only the proposal submitter is responsible for the deliverables
  • Provide for each team member
    • the name,
    • role,
    • background
    • Discord username,
    • and other relevant social media links
  • Project Lead full name
  • Project Lead e-mail address

Part 3: Proposal details

  • Details of the proposal (ca. 0.5 - 1 page)
The more details and the more transparent the proposal is, the higher is the chance of receiving the grant.
  • What Problem(s) will be solved?
  • If in Category “Build application based on MGH”:
    • When will the application be live?
    • Where is the application accessible?
    • How many active users are expected?
If in Category “Build or improve MGH software”:
  • When will the software be live/usable?
  • Where will it be accessible?
If in Category “Improve the organization of MGH DAO”:
  • What area of the MGH DAO are you addressing precisely?
  • Timeline/roadmap for the deliverables and milestones of the proposal
  • Provide more information that is relevant for the understanding of the proposal