Land Farming

Building a $LAND synth and earning from your metaverse lan
Land farming combines the needs of two different players:
  1. 1.
    Metaverse Land owner (Alice)
Land owners stake a flexible percentage of their land and get rewarded with a steady flow of $MGH tokens as well as synthetic tokens called NPTs (Nft-Pool-Tokens) that match the value of the land they staked at that point in time. The minted NPTs are calculated like this:
f(x,p)=f(x,p) =
And $MGH rewards are calculated like so:
f(x)=xe2piiξxf(x) = x * e^{2 pi i \xi x}
When the land owner unstakes their NFT, he has to burn NPTs according to the same formula.
2. Metaverse investor (Bob)
Investors, interested in the price development of metaverse lands, can trade NPTs on the secondary market and participate indirectly in the development of the value of locked lands in the pool.