Metaverse Staking

Passive income with metaverse coins.
Metaverse Staking works by leveraging the MGH evaluation tool.
The Staking program works in Epoches, meaning there is a withdrawPhase, where anyone can withdraw their funds, followed by a locked Phase, where funds are not available for withdrawal, while they are being utilized. At the moment the locking period is __X__ days with a withdrawal period of __X__ days.
Stakers can deposit their Metaverse Tokens like $SAND or $MANA and are rewarded continuously with $MGH. During the locking period, a trading bot, that leverages the MGH valuation tool, trades Metaverse lands on NFT marketplaces. __X__ % of the return achieved each epoche is airdropped to the stakers as an additional reward to the $MGH tokens.
Staker benefits:
  • Guaranteed $MGH rewards
  • part of the profit made in $SAND or $MANA respectively
Staker risks:
  • if a loss is incurred for whatever reason, staked funds will only be partially withdrawable, until the loss is covered again.