Interoperable Metaverse Editor

The Interoperable Metaverse Editor allows users to create metaverse scenes and assets following the USD (Universal Scene Description) file format and other metaverse interoperability standards.

The editor has multiple features such as a drag and drop mode, as well as an expert mode that streamlines the metaverse development process, while incorporating metaverse development standards as defined by the Metaverse Standards Forum, such as the Universal Scene Description format. The editor si being designed so that all the created scenes and assets can easily be integrated with existing Blockchains and web3 libraries.

Using standards like the USD format, users are able to import and edit scenes created in the builder in other editors that support these open standards (like Unreal Engine, Unity and the Omniverse builder from NVidia). Vice-versa, scenes from these professional tools can be exported in the USD format and imported into the editor- which is a much more convenient tool for creating immersive Web3 experiences.

The builder democratises metaverse accessibility, it provides the needed infrastructure for standardised and interoperable metaverse development and makes metaverse building available for people of all experience levels.


The flagship for the interoperable editor is DCL-Edit, the primary choice for Decentraland when it comes to creating scenes with a multitude of innovative features, including seamless integration with no-code building. It gained significant traction during the recent Decentraland Game Jam, with an impressive adoption rate of 16 out of 20 winning building teams and over 7000 developers who have seamlessly incorporated this tool into their daily workflow.

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