LAND Valuation Datasets

The LAND valuation data collected by the algorithm is bundled into daily updated datasets and offered on the Ocean Protocol Marketplace. Learn how to use the Metaverse LAND Dataset in this chapter.

How does it work?

  • Navigate to Ocean Marketplace and find the Metaverse LAND Dataset

  • Connect your wallet

  • Purchase the Data Token (the "key" to the dataset) from the Data Pool by spending $mOCEAN

  • Get access to the dataset by burning the Data Token

What information is contained in the dataset?

The LAND valuation dataset is a continuously growing dataset. The dataset contains valuations for virtual worlds such as The Sandbox, Decentraland but it will become the biggest repository of LAND valuations and stats in the whole web3 space.

By purchasing the respective Data Token on the Ocean Marketplace, the user will receive a Google Drive Link containing all historic valuations and all supported Metaverses in form of spreadsheets (example below).

Besides providing a fair price estimation for the respective day (27th of January as of the example below), the dataset provides general facts about the Land such as:

  • ...the current price ("Buy now" price on Opensea)

  • ...the relative difference to the estimated fair price to get a quick overview of how undervalued or overvalued a Land seems to be

  • ...the last sale price

  • ...the absolute price variation over the last

    • week

    • month

    • 6 months

Moreover, the dataset contains a sheet called "Global Stats" where the user will find data relating all LANDs (e.g. Sandbox), the global floor price, average price, sales volume and more. Here is the list of metrics included in "Global Stats":

  • Max price last seven days

  • Min price last seven days

  • Max price last month

  • Min price last month

  • Max price last six months

  • Min price last six months

  • One day volume

  • One day change

  • One day sales

  • One day average price

  • Seven days volume

  • Seven days change

  • Seven days sales

  • Seven days average price

  • Thirty days volume

  • Thirty days change

  • Thirty days sales

  • Thirty days average price

  • Total volume

  • Total sales

  • Average price

  • Market cap

  • Last update (When was the sheet last updated?)

Last updated