LAND Valuation Oracle

We recognize the immense value of data in today's era and are dedicated to establishing a robust infrastructure to unlock its full potential. As a leading force in the metaverse, we are committed to optimizing the utilization of data generated through our algorithms, driving innovation and growth in this exciting realm.

Leveraging Data for Growth and Prosperity

At THE HUB, we understand the significance of data in shaping the future of the metaverse. Our organization is actively involved in offering this valuable resource on decentralized data marketplaces, allowing it to be harnessed by individuals, businesses, and developers to fuel their projects and initiatives. Additionally, we strategically engage in LAND flipping activities, leveraging the insights from data to generate profits that enrich our DAO's treasury, enabling us to further support the metaverse ecosystem.

In the metaverse, the importance of data integration with blockchain technology cannot be overstated. While the data we handle resides off-chain, we are fully aware of the need to bring its value to the decentralized world. That's why we have implemented the Chainlink Oracle, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates valuation data onto the blockchain.

With the Chainlink Oracle, we bridge the gap between off-chain data and on-chain smart contracts, empowering decentralized decision-making and unlocking new functionalities within the metaverse. By seamlessly integrating valuation data into the blockchain, we provide developers and projects with the tools they need to make informed decisions, build innovative applications, and drive the growth of the metaverse ecosystem.

Use Cases

Bringing metaverse related valuations on-chain allows DeFi protocols to develop innovative investment vehicles. One of the low hanging fruits in this space is the colletarization of LANDs using the valuation algorithm as a price reference for lending and borrowing of metaverse assets. Currently, the only measure used by theses protocols is the floor price, making the whole process highly inneficient and unflexible. In future, it will be possible to leverage the valuations and use them as benchmark or underlying for other MetaFi related products such as LAND ETFs, perpetual futures, CDOs and bonds on metaverse related assets.

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