Token Model and Stats


Ticker symbol: MGH
Max. Supply: 1,000,000,000
Total Supply: 500,000,000

Token Contracts

Token Model

MGH is the native utility- and governance token of MGH and is issued by the MetaGameHub DAO.
MGH's token model is designed to be deflationary in the long term, meaning that the circulating supply is decreasing through continuous token buy-backs on the secondary market and token burns.
The required capital for the token buy-backs will come from the multiple revenue sources MGH is currently creating and is therefore fully backed by its revenue in the long-term.
Initially, 60% of the generated revenue will be distributed as staking rewards in form of MGH tokens on the Polygon network, 30% will be distributed to the DAO's treasury to finance operations and investments and 10% will be used to buy-back and burn MGH tokens.
In the future, we will implement instant governance features to let $MGH token holders decide about the parameters mentioned above.

Token Allocation

MGH Tokenomics V2 comes with the following initial token allocation:
Total Allocation
The initiators launched the initial version of MGH DAO and provide other initiatives beneficial to the DAO.
Core Team
The core team is in between the initiators and the working groups. Everyday, they are working on shaping the MGH DAO and are an important pillar of the daily operations.
Working Groups
The working groups will be populated by the MGH DAO community and core contributors and operate autonomously in the long term.
Ecosystem Grants
This allocation is envisioned to fund innovators, creatives, developers, etc. in form of grants to grow MGH’s ecosystem.
Treasury tokens can be - after successful DAO voting - allocated to other positions (e.g. increase ecosystem grants, working groups, etc.) and in good markeet conditions, it can be used to grow the DAO’s portfolio (e.g. with Metaverse LANDs) and to finance operations.
Network Rewards
With the launch of the valuation interface 2.0, MGH is beginning to generate revenue which will be distributed to MGH stakers. Since the organic APY is expected to be low in the beginning (revenues have to scale up first) we make it more attractive for early stakers with this allocation.
CEX Liquidity, MMs
For further listings on CEXes or more DEXes, we reserve tokens for the liquidity with this allocation. Moreover, tokens of this allocation can be made available to Market Makers.
Initial Liquidity
The liquidity to set up the first liquidity pool to trade MGH tokens.
Community Sale
In three phases from June 2021 to October 2021, MGH raised ca. $1,6M (31,617,711.11 MGH tokens were sold)
Strategic Sale
To continue to finance operations and to grow MGH’s portfolio as well as revenue streams, MGH is selling MGH tokens OTC to strategic partners and investors.

Token Release Schedule

Initiators and Core Team: For the token release schedule of Initiators and core-team members, we must differentiate between tradable and stakeable tokens.
  • Stakeable tokens are vested MGH tokens which cannot be sold or transferred but are eligible to earn staking rewards. The release schedule of stakeable tokens is linear over the vesting period (see below).
  • Tradable tokens are “normal” MGH tokens. The release schedule of tradable tokens follows a 65 months quadratic vesting period. For core team members, the quadratic vesting duration is either 35 or 65 months, depending on the initial deposit amount and level of commitment.
Vesting Contract Initiators: 0xe1c0E0FDe96117661f441DdaE69D987b385d530F Vesting Contract Core-Team Members: 0xdbf7aC1962c2Ba8fd10eaC61743F8Bf1E0a1133A
Working Groups: Every month, 1,602,083.33 (2.78% of remaining WG allocation) will be unlocked, meaning that these tokens can be distributed as Working Group rewards. But the distribution follows only after successful DAO governance. Once WG rewards are paid to the respective WG members, 70% of the tokens have a lock-up period of 60 days.
Ecosystem Grants: Every month, 930,555.56 (2.78% of Ecosystem Grants allocation) will be unlocked, meaning that these tokens can be distributed as ecosystem grants. Also here, the final distribution requires successful DAO governance. Comparable to the unlock schedule of WG rewards, once ecosystem grants are distributed, the tokens are locked-up for 3 months.
Treasury: The treasury allocation is fully unlocked BUT the distribution requires successful DAO governance.
Treasury Contract (Ethereum): 0x2a9Da28bCbF97A8C008Fd211f5127b860613922D
Network Rewards Booster: The distribution of the network rewards will be halved every 2 years, resulting in the following distribution schedule:
MGH per Day
2 years
2 years
2 years
2 years
2 years
2 years
(MGH per Day at Phase n-1) / n
CEX Liquidity, Market Makers: This token allocation is strongly event-dependent. If there is a CEX listing or another liquidity pool is to be opened at a DEX, the liquidity must be available. Accordingly, this allocation is fully unlocked but also here the use is only possible after successful DAO governance.
Strategic Sale: After successfully closing a deal with strategic investors, the token release comes with a 6 month lock-up period and 18 months linear vesting afterwards. In case a strategic investor proposes a deal with shorter lock-up and vesting period, a DAO voting will follow for this case.
Token Custodian for Working Groups, Ecosystem Grants and Strategic Sale: 0x34438a663c79addae19c51b6b3c504c2ce1eccb4 The contract is differentiated into 3 branches: - Branch 1: Working Groups - Branch 2: Strategic Sale - Branch 3: Ecosystem Grants

Market Cap