$MGH Token Utility


As an MGH token holder, you are part of the MGH DAO and thus eligible to participate in its governance. You can participate in the Votingand submit Proposalson Snapshot.
DAO Governance is a broad topic so users can submit and vote about all kinds of proposals, such as:
  • Changes in the Tokenomics
  • Treasury management of the DAO
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Grant proposals
  • Metaverse Land development
  • and much more...
In the future, we will also implement instant governance features for certain platform parameters.


MGH's token model is aimed to be deflationary, meaning that the amount of tokens will be reduced from time to time, adding an embedded scarcity element to the token's supply. This is achieved by integrating sustainable (revenue-backed) token burn and buyback mechanisms into the token flow.
The MGH token gives its holders access to a broad range of tools, producsts and services offered by the MGH DAO. It is used for exchanging value and to pay fees for using some of the services of MGH's dApp universe.
Here are some examples:
  • Unlock premium features in the Land Valuation Interface and Heatmap (B2C)
  • Grant access to the LAND flipping bot
  • Pay to mint your Avatar from the Avatar Module
  • Qualify for unique Metaverse NFT airdrops
  • Getting custom access to MGH's Metaverse Tools (B2B)